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This is a Microsoft Windows Helpdesk and productivity suite. It includes system utilities and features like a desktop search tool, documents viewer, a clock, contact manager, calculator and more.
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Office Add-ins Description

Excel Add-ins describe the set of assemblies that support the distribution of extensions to
Excel in addition to the shared libraries provided by Excel. Existing Excel Add-in developers can
utilize the DLL installer interface to distribute their own add-ins to Excel 2007, Excel 2003,
Excel XP, and Excel 2000. In order to provide the best client experience, the Excel Add-in
distribution solution enables the user to load and unload the add-in at runtime, per-workbook,
per-worksheet or per-application. It is a good idea for all add-in developers to unify the
distribution of their add-ins and to use the same Excel distribution package.



Excel Add-in Release Notes

Release 2 of the shared Excel Add-in distribution package includes the following new features:
■ The „Localizable“ property, which ensures the language for your add-in is available for
the user to select at run time. For more information, see the documentation for the „Excel
Add-in Localization“ topic.
■ A new type of add-in called the „Ribbon Add-in“. This new type of add-in has a
newer experience, richer interaction model and simplified deployment compared to the
„Worksheet Add-in“.

With the introduction of Excel 2007, Excel Add-in made the migration from a
static Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Add-in to an ActiveX Add-in. Microsoft
Add-in for Excel 2007 is now the preferred way for Excel Add-in developers to
distribute their add-ins to Excel. With this change, Microsoft Add-in for Excel has
also made significant improvements to the components of Excel Add-in.

For more information on Excel Add-in in the following topics, see the Excel Add-in

The Excel Add-in development team is actively monitoring and working to improve
Excel Add-in. For more information, see the following pages:
■ Learn how to develop Excel Add-in by watching the 70238732e0

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Key macro allows you to create your own keyboard macros, making this the perfect solution for those of you who want to create some clever shortcuts without having to remember complex codes.
This is a simple software that captures keystroke information (key codes) and any extra data (the character and the modifiers) and send it to a file.
The file can be opened in a text editor or other program. It can be useful to create an automated script for logging keystrokes.
■ Create macros in various formats (you can specify the user and host in the file name). You can also save a macro for later use.
■ It captures all information about keys pressed and the modifiers including which keys are pressed at the same time (for example, Ctrl+Alt+Delete), whether the key is pressed down or released, etc.
■ The macros you can create use a syntax similar to VBScript or JScript.
■ You can create macros with a small maximum keystroke limit (for example, macro that works only for the first 100 characters, or the first three Ctrl+Shift+Del, etc).
■ The macros you create can be activated by pressing the hotkeys combination, by setting a hotkey for each macro, or you can run a macro (for example, a macro that sends a character and a modifier to the script).
■ Max. length for keystrokes is 1,600 characters (approx. 10 sec).
■ Modifier keys may be captured only in one mode, for example only Ctrl+Shift+Del or Ctrl+Alt+Del.
■ Maximum length for modifiers is 256 characters.
■ You can specify the filename and the password of the file in the „Host“ and „User“ fields.
■ A minimum number of characters in the file name and password is 0. The file name must be at least three characters.
■ You can specify the „Host“ and „User“ in the file name, but they are ignored.
■ The macro names must not exceed 128 characters.
It is very likely that AxScripter will be more useful for some than for others. Personally, I find it useful for example when I would like to automate some test cases in my large VB6 applications (it is a replacement for the VB6 Keymappng Editor).