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The Internet is full of wondrous services, but this also means you require a password for each one. Unless you are mnemonics expert, you will have a tough time remembering each passphrase. If you do not wish to compromise your security with a single password for all services, then you might want to try on PRIMA Password Case.
A portable encrypted storage solution
The software is a sensitive information vault, which allows you to store tiny pieces of data, such as passwords, PINs, PUKs, and anything you might not want to fall into the wrong hands. The best thing is that you can carry it on a USB drive or memory card, as it is fully portable.
The application is designed to store your information securely. It keeps everything bundled into a single database encrypted with Rijndael 256, which is reasonably safe.
Central management of your passwords, PINs and PUKs
Everything you might deem risky to write down on a piece of paper can be stored with this application. You can create multiple entries for your passphrases, mobile numbers, credit card credentials, and organize them into separate categories. Linking websites and e-mail addresses are available, and you can add login details for online services.
If you are not convinced by this software, then these following features might change your mind; you can store your passphrases even if they have an expiry date, and receive notification prior to this event. Furthermore, the clipboard will be automatically deleted after a timer to prevent accidental data loss.
Not a complete solution
Unfortunately, the software lacks any cloud storage or synchronization across devices. It is free to use, but it could have been more powerful, by adding modern storage solutions.
In conclusion, PRIMA Password Case is quite the software application. It provides safe storage for your sensitive information, and it is heavily encrypted to prevent any hacks. The multiple features come in handy, and the most important thing of all, is you can use it for free.

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PRIMA Password Case Crack License Key Free Download [Mac/Win] [April-2022]

PRIMA Password Case Cracked Version is a lightweight, portable, secure storage solution. It is offered as freeware and has been designed with an ease of use in mind. The software protects sensitive information using Rijndael 256 encryption. All information is stored in a single database on your USB storage or SD card.
PRIMA Password Case Functionality:
PRIMA Password Case is a tool to store all your data in a safe and portable form. Data is stored in a single encrypted database on your USB storage or SD card, which is fully portable. Data is protected with Rijndael 256 encryption.
This is a very convenient software for people who need to store sensitive information, such as passwords, bank account numbers and secret codes, or other sensitive data. It comes with a password manager, and can be customized in any way you want.
PRIMA Password Case Screenshots:

PRIMA Password Case For Windows:
PRIMA Password Case has been developed as a free tool. This freeware doesn’t require any payment to use. This is a very useful tool for everyone.
PRIMA Password Case is available to download from the link below. This download link will take you to the software’s official site.PRIMA Password Case was tested for viruses, spyware, adware, trojan horses, dialers, etc. No malware was found.
The security of a person’s personal information on the Internet is extremely important.

This drive password encryption software can store all the sensitive data, which is personal and secure. Using this portable encryption software, you will not be able to view the drive, even if you try to unlock it from a different computer or online. This product not only decrypts the password but also fixes the hidden file structure of the drive, so that you can easily access all the files and folders in them.
What’s New in this Version:
Version 4.6:
– The Volume password are encrypted now.
– The Volume password are decrypted now.
– The added the new option for the Password recovery.
– The operation bug is fixed.
– Fixed and improved the application.
How to Crack Password from Windows 7:

Use the following steps to open the encrypted password-protected drive:
1. From the main menu, click on ‚File Manager‘.
2. Under the ‚File‘ tab, click on ‚Open‘.
3. Select the drive, which you wish to unlock.

PRIMA Password Case Crack+ Serial Key

KeyMacro makes all your passwords and file names to be stored in an easy way, in your clipboard. Just copy some text, paste in to KeyMacro, and you can create a unique file name using your passwords and file names. Then you can use that file name to open that file. For example, if you copy your company password „corp123“, paste it to KeyMacro, you can create a file name with this company password and some other text like „corp123-AB“.
You can easily open the files by just pressing Ctrl + B. Then you can easily copy the password and paste it in to the other software like Filezilla or QFilemanager.

KeyMacro Features:

* Simple and easy to use.
* Use your clipboard to store your passwords and file names.
* Easy to create new file names.
* Create passwords by using your file names and file names.
* Open your password files in separate windows.
* Copy and paste your passwords.
* Password and file names can be used in other applications by adding file name.
* Sort the file names and passwords with the help of the calendar.
* Free for non-commercial use.

Cachemate Description:

Cachemate is a tool to login to an Internet account using a stored password or other info.

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Clipboard Lifter: Just copy your passphrase, and paste it in to the Password & Repositories from Clipboard Lifter. Then you can unlock any website with that passphrase.

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Secure Password Manager: Keep all your passwords and secret codes in one place. Store your login information for all services online.

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Password Storage: Keep all your Passwords in one single place.

Password Category Description:

Password Category: Create Password Categories for all your passwords.

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Super Password Manager: This is the best password manager for Android phone. Make life easier with a tool like this.

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PRIMA Password Case Free

PRIMA Password Case is a useful application designed to securely store your passwords, PINs, PUKs, and other sensitive information. You can organize all of your login details and use them as needed. This software is free to use and offers you comprehensive security.
How to use PRIMA Password Case:
Open the application and set the type of data you want to store; this includes website logins, e-mail addresses, credit card numbers, and a lot more. You can also add your passphrases and expiration dates. Once you are done, click the button labeled “Save database” to begin. This will create a database that you can access from any other device.
Once you have created the database, you can share the URL of it. This will add the “?databaseid=” at the end of the URL. This ID can be used to access the information from a different device.
While you are browsing, you might find the application’s most useful feature. All your text is copied to the clipboard, which can be pasted onto other applications. You can also receive notification emails prior to any expiry date.
PRIMA Password Case is not a complete solution, but it is a handy software. It will make your life easier, as you can keep all your passwords, PUKs and other sensitive information. You can store your information anywhere, and you can use it from any device.

Software download URL:



File size:

This tiny microSD card can store your personal data up to 50 gigabytes and it can be accessed from a smartphone, computer, tablet, or a smartwatch. These 128 GB microSD cards come in a variety of colors, including the very popular black.
Most microSD cards come in a standard format of 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, or 16 GB of storage capacity, but the 128 GB microSD

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System Requirements For PRIMA Password Case:

*This game will not run on older computer models (Laptop, Desktop, or even Console systems).
*No Mac or Linux versions currently available.
*This game has been tested and works on Windows 7, 8, and 10.
*This game has been tested on a range of graphics cards.
*There are no requirements on video settings (Adjustable by the user).
*No need to have any special hardware for the game.
*You should always make sure your PC is free of viruses.