PANSTARRS C 2011 L4 Comet Viewer Crack Download [Updated] 2022

PANSTARRS C/2011 L4 Comet Viewer is a very useful software that is addressed to all those interested in following the approach of the comet that will pass through our solar system in 2013.
The program will show you the estimated path of the celestial body as well as the tropical positions, not to mention the apparent magnitude of the C/2011 L4 comet (taking into consideration the naked eye visibility) and the relative distance to Earth.







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PANSTARRS C 2011 L4 Comet Viewer [2022]

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System Requirements For PANSTARRS C 2011 L4 Comet Viewer:

Adobe Flash 10.0.0 or later
iPad 2, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad 3 Wi-Fi + 3G
Requires iPhone 4 and later and requires iOS 7 or later.
Requires iOS 6 or later.
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