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NS Wallet Desktop is a password and login information manager that allows you to create a local database with login information. The database structure is flexible and can accommodate credit cards. email accounts, website credentials and more.
You can can also create new labels in order to manage the database content and easily find what you are looking for.









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* Keep all your usernames, passwords, credit cards, email accounts and other personal data right at your fingertips in a secure environment.
* Access your password and account data on multiple machines, all using a single database.
* Automatically synchronize the data in your database with your mobile device, so you can access it anywhere.
* Sync with your mobile device
* Create new labels
* Create a backup
* Split the database into many smaller databases
* Filter and sort by label
* Move the content of one label to another label
* View the data associated with a label in a tree view
* View the data associated with a label in a grid view
* Highlight the data in a grid view
* Delete the label
* Sort the labels
* Add new records to your labels
* Delete the records from your labels
* Modify the name of a record
* Add a record to a label
* Delete the record

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NS Wallet Desktop Crack Product Key Full Free Download

NS Wallet Wallet is an aplication that contains a database which stores your credentials information for a specified website. You can access your credentials through login credentials or from any HTML or a JAVA webpage that your system has access to.

2 of the most notable features of NS Wallet include:

Password protection

Help page access


You can create as many databases and labels as you like, but NS Wallet can only access a single database at a time.

NS Wallet Wallet Features:

The NS Wallet software can be used in two ways. The first is through an active connection to the database and the other is through an accession via HTML or a Java webpage that your system has access to.

Password protection

Some of the users of NS Wallet have found it to be beneficial in protecting their database. This type of password protection allows you to have access to a portion of your database on your computer and a different portion in your own safe or a trusted third party.

Help page access

Many users of NS Wallet have found it to be a helpful feature when the webpages of your database are not accessible. This feature allows you to view the help page of your database on your computer in order to answer any questions that you may have on how to use it.


NS Wallet is the only password protection software that has a built in help system that you can access. This allows you to be able to enter your database password and access your information for help when using the database.

NS Wallet is free to download and use, however you will need to purchase the license for the program to remove the watermark of your original image.

NS Wallet Wallet is a simple, easy to use and powerful password manager application for Linux and Windows. It stores login information to multiple sites in a single file so that you can access all of your passwords in one place. If you are concerned about your website or email passwords being accessed by malicious users, NS Wallet is a great solution for you. You can also export the passwords in a variety of formats including CSV, XML, and HTML. NS Wallet allows you to setup different types of passwords with the ability to set expiration dates. NS Wallet has a bunch of useful features, but if you are looking for something simpler, then you might want to check out KiSS Password Manager.

2 of the most notable features of NS Wallet

NS Wallet Desktop Crack+ Incl Product Key

Key Features:

* Create a local database with login information.
* Easy navigation between the data in the database and the content of labels
* You can also create new labels in order to manage the database content and easily find what you are looking for
* The database structure is flexible and can accommodate various types of content (such as credit cards, emails, websites, etc)
* You can easily search and find a specific piece of information
* Full text searching with Boolean operators
* Database automation
* Database backup
* Export to CSV (comma-separated values)
* Import from CSV
* Integration with password managers such as LastPass
* Auto-expiration of passwords
* Password reminders
* User password history
* Password strength meter
* Account creation
* Sign in
* Password reset
* Creating a personal wallet for contacts
* Authentication with OAuth
* Secure file sharing for files uploaded to Dropbox
* Keyboard shortcuts and customizations
* Notification center integration for quick access to your data
* Auto-complete of selected text
* Dynamic label icon based on database content

More Information:

Find out more in the official App Store description.

What’s New:

• NS Wallet Desktop 3.1 is now available!

Minor improvements and bug fixes.

System Requirements:

OS X 10.9 or later

See Also:

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What’s New in the NS Wallet Desktop?

* Password and login information manager. You can store a variety of login credentials (credit cards, email accounts, web site, etc) in a database and access them at any time. You can also add labels to help you organize and find your login credentials easily.

* Accessible from within and outside of KDE.

* All data is stored in the encrypted form.

* Content can be stored in an external database file. This gives an option to use a portable wallet (KWallet).

* Roles and labels are included

* Supports Akonadi, KWallet, KOrganizer and Kontact.

* A database to store email accounts and credentials.

* Strong AES encryption for the passwords and data.

* Contact Manager will store the list of contacts and their email address.

* You can create a new contact, receive a new mail with the new contact information.

* Chats list stores the list of all chat users.

* Search for an account or a contact.

* Ability to re-enter a password

* Undo operations

* Right click menu

* Kanji support (Japanese)

* Japanese-Chinese spelling (Japanese-Chinese).

* Japanese-English spelling (Japanese-English).

* Korean support (Korean).

* Supports Korean-Chinese and Korean-Japanese.

* Written in Python.

* Tested with Fedora 22.

* Translated into English and Czech.

* Support for Komodo.

* Support for Mac OS X.

* GPLv3 license.

This is a beta and may have a few bugs. Please send your feedback.

**Current issues:**

– Problems with the appearance of the software.

– The additional software that you can use in order to add database data to the wallet.

– New contact search not working.

– Contacts cannot be found in the contact list.


More Information about this program can be found in


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