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Gear Factory will allow you to easily add custom or standard gears to your Drawing. The gear models created are standard AutoCAD solid models that can be added to your assembly drawing as 3D model or 2D entities. It’s like having a gear factory on-line that can create spur, bevel, internal, rack gear and roller chain sprockets from your data input.
You just select the pitch, pressure angle, number of teeth, width, and insertion point, click and Gear Factory will create a 3D model or 2D entity of the gear selected. This shareware version contains the same tools as in the registered version.
What’s New in This Release:
Compatibility with AutoCAD 2000 thru 2006
■ AutoCAD









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MyTube Serial Key is an application that offers a customized solution for sharing and downloading videos via the Internet.
Completely free and ad-supported, this is a program specially designed for users that lack the means to earn money and wish to upload their videos to various video sharing websites.
It is worth mentioning that MyTube offers a user-friendly interface and is widely compatible with other applications.
It is also available in two flavors, one is a portable version that can be downloaded to a USB flash drive for easy portability. The other can be installed on your computer, requiring the internet to be active.
What’s best about this program?
For starters, it can help you share your favorite videos with your friends and family, using various social media platforms.
This program is available both as a portable version and a desktop one. The only difference between them is that the latter can be installed on your computer and requires an active internet connection, while the former can be downloaded directly to a portable storage unit.
Another thing worth considering is the fact that you can record your own videos in a simple and intuitive way by simply clicking on the ‚Record‘ button.
Moreover, MyTube is a program that is ad-supported and does not require any money to be spent for uploading or sharing videos.
Best of all, the application is totally free and does not contain any annoying ads.
MyTube – The best way to upload and share videos with the help of a simple program
Rating: 5 out of 5 – Surprisingly simple to use, MyTube offers a customized solution for the upload and sharing of videos via the Internet.
AutoHotKey – Fully automated keyboard shortcuts
When developers create new and more efficient programs, they start thinking about how they can have the best user experience possible. This is why it is important that the program is intuitive and does not require users to spend time learning how it works.
The program AutoHotkey is a great example of the kind of application that excels in this regard. This program can automate just about anything you want to have happen while you’re on the computer, thus making your work way easier.
Over a hundred of hotkeys
This popular program creates different hotkeys for different actions. Some are more useful than others, but they all make your life a lot easier. For example, one of the hotkeys allows you to see the current settings you have set up, which is handy when the program doesn’t update the settings that you have set up.
A simple interface that

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This article presents a discussion that is geared towards the Windows community. Thanks to the use of the „Intel® Many Integrated Core Technology“ (Intel® MICT), the powers of new creation are amazing! It has just been released the MMX version 2.11.2 and it is really cool! It has become possible to improve the new sound system and the performance of the new Appletv program, which is a real gamer!
This tool is very easy to use because it has its own interface and there is no need to install anything else. In addition, it has been added a nice little feature called „Monitor Sound“ that is completely new.
The monitor sound feature is very simple. When the „Monitor Sound“ feature is installed, it automatically turns itself on with your desktop speakers.

Wondershare Filmora 9 provides a fast and easy way to make videos using images, movies, and music. It is easily the best video editor apps for Windows, OS X, and iOS.
This video editor lets you edit videos effortlessly. You can perform the following operations: trim, crop, merge, compress, download, and share videos on various social networks.
You can also choose your favorite photo as the video background. You can then download the videos to your devices.
Filmora has an intuitive user interface, and it guides you through video editing in all its steps. It is much easier to use and understand than other video editors that are not as simple to learn. In addition, there are a number of super cool features to help you create your best videos, such as round-trip compression, an intuitive video editor, video transitions, customizable themes, and more.
Filmora is also very fast and easy to use. You do not need to spend hours mastering the interface. Filmora is very flexible and features plenty of tools that let you enjoy all its functions right away.
Filmora is the new standard tool for PC users, offering them the best experience when editing videos. It does not take a long time to learn or master Filmora because it features a very easy and intuitive user interface.
– Templates: Filmora 9 allows you to create and save your own videos from popular templates. You can use these templates for any occasion, whether you are creating a story or a special surprise for your friends.
– Video Editor: Filmora 9 allows you to trim, crop, upload, download, and share the videos.

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The application converts videos with DRM-protected content to videos with MP3 tags, then you can easily download them to your PC.
MyTube does this job fast and without errors, it supports popular formats like H.264, AVI, MP4 and DivX.
The application allows you to select video formats, bit rates and frame rates to achieve the best video quality.
There is also a playlist function where you can easily select the desired video clips from the list.
What’s more, you can either convert a specific video to a particular format (i.e. MP3) or just leave it as a normal video file.
The software’s conversion speed depends on a number of factors, mostly on the capabilities of the system. In general, the application creates a MP3 file from a video clip in less than two minutes, depending on the current configuration. The biggest drawback is that the output file is always of poor quality because of constant video compression.
The application comes with a vast array of configuration options that you can fine-tune according to your own needs. For more information, you can simply browse the help pages for more details.
You may wish to take a look at Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer Professional Edition, which can be used with free and paid MTS accounts.


WordPerfect Office Standard




3dVideosoft Cloner is designed to capture videos, clone videos or any folders or files as you like. The program is suitable for both PC users and Mac users.
The video capture ability is quite weak in 3dVideosoft Cloner, and it’s only for taking snapshots of videos, however, 3dVideosoft Cloner enables you to clone your videos or folders as you like.
3D Videosoft Cloner supports to combine audio and video into one file (merge file), so you can get a slideshow of your picture, video or folder.
The most powerful feature of 3dVideosoft Cloner is the video capture function. You can choose frame number, interval or special picture and whole images or videos as your base. When the capture finished, 3dVideosoft Cloner can get from you a single output file, or one output folder with multiple sub-folders as you like.
In this year, 3dVideosoft Inc. has released three editions,

What’s New in the MyTube?

MyTube is a web-based video streaming service that lets you access thousands of free HD and SD videos from over 1 million studios around the world.
Detailed and vivid pictures
The interface comes in two colors, blue and red, and is designed in a way that mimics the Google’s web browser. Everything is on the right hand side, from search, to recent videos and the top bar.
In the playback section, you can select one of the millions of videos or the entire library, change the playback speed, and control the volume with the volume slider, or change the volume using the keyboard.
Moreover, you can mute, watch HD and SD video, view the activity log, add or remove sources, and much more. All these features are available in the settings as well as the top bar.
Stream numerous HD and SD videos
MyTube gives its users the ability to search and select a specific genre from the drop-down box on the search page, or select a specific source from the main menu. After the video is loaded, it can be played using a full-screen mode, which is perfect when dealing with any kind of video.
You can also record the action by pressing the green button or stop the streaming. Furthermore, you can also reload the page if it’s closed.
Moreover, the app is a lot more than just a video streaming service. You can also download and view files, easily access the logging of traffic, sort the search results by date and popularity, sort sources by alphabetical order or by name.
Moreover, MyTube is compatible with all major platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android and web browsers. Thanks to its flexibility, you can safely say that it’s one of the most complete and feature-rich streaming service available today.
Top Similar Software

ZOOM Image Editor is a powerful software application for the graphic industry. The application includes an array of tools to assist designers in editing photos and illustrations. The user interface is simple and easy to use.
Powerful photo editing software
For graphic artists and illustrators, the product has a feature that allows you to adjust the amount of haze in a photo, including transparent effects, water drops and other details. It allows you to change the transparency of the color, use several different effects and manipulate the color, and also fix the environment.
Moreover, you can perform minor changes to the image, such as lightening the areas with dark shadows or normalize the contrast. Still

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 or later
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.2 GHz (or AMD Athlon XP 2100+)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Display: 1280×1024 minimum resolution
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
DVD Drive: For SCE’s DVD playback application, Windows 98/ME is required
Game disc drive: For DVD playback application, Windows 98/ME is required
Storage: 700 MB available hard drive