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BugWeb is written in C#, however, if you are a MSSQL developer, then you are covered as you can have the BugWeb database on SQL server, however the web interface and forms will be on MS Access Database.
BugWeb Licensing:
BugWeb is a freeware, we sell a licence that will give you the rights to use BugWeb for yourself and your organisation.
BugWeb Licensing is also valid for non-registered users.
BugWeb Features:
Forms: These forms are the heart of BugWeb. This is where you will manage your bugs and create your tracking reports. This is where you will track your bugs and manage your bugs. You will create projects, add tasks, assign bugs and assign yourself to a task. You will assign a status to a task.
(The BugWeb application is free to use for an unlimited number of users. If you wish to register your organisation, you can register your organisation on the website for a yearly fee of $70).
Projects: These are simply items you can track in BugWeb. You can create as many projects as you like.
Tasks: These are the items you need to track. This includes bugs and features, but also includes patches, etc.
Milestones: These are the items you can create for a project to be completed. A milestone is a user defined name you create. When the task is completed, it will move to the next milestone. You can create as many milestones as you like.
Global Search: This is a very powerful feature in BugWeb. You can use this to search BugWeb for bugs, tasks, or milestones.
BugSeverity: You can assign a severity to a bug. For instance: Critical, Major, Minor, or Bug. There are many more.
BugStatus: You can also assign a status to a bug. This is for instance: Open, New, In-Progress, or Closed. You can create as many statuses as you like.
BugPriority: This is another powerful feature in BugWeb. You can assign a priority to a bug. For instance: Low, Medium, High, or Urgent. There are many more.
BugType: You can assign a bug type to a bug. There are many more.
BugTracker: This is the main database of BugWeb. This is where you will track all your bugs and tasks.
BugSource: This is where you can track the source of 0cd6e936a3


* Type : Window application.
* Version : 0.0.4, last stable version on 9.04.04
* Author : Joachim Peisl
* License : GNU GPL
* Source :
* Licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL)
* (
* Website :
* Website about DeAnaglyph.
* Description : Allows you to convert stereographic 2D-DVDs, generally sold with
2D and 3D versions, to virtual images for passive viewing
(shutterglasses), which allows for greater viewing comfort
and significantly longer viewing distances. The images
have to be properly aligned, as the images are only
considered as stereoscopic if the horizontal and vertical
parallaxes match. If the distance is too small,
you’ll get distorted images with horizontal and vertical
errors at the edges, and the image is almost lost in
the center. If the distance is too large, the edges
show only