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Although Windows is already packed with a Sticky Notes feature, you might not be entirely comfortable using it. Luckily, developers came out with various alternatives in the form of third-party applications, and JStickyNotes is a suitable example in this regard.
Customize each note with a different color
One thing needs to be pointed out first, and that is your computer must be equipped with Java Runtime Environment not only to be able to run the application, but also to go through the steps of the installer. Once launched, the program is found in the tray area, and you need to interact with the corresponding menu to create your first sticky note.
A default note shows up on your desktop, wrapped around a custom design. The visual style is neat, and you even get the chance to further customize visuals. Accessing the color selector makes it possible to define the new tint either through swatches, HSV, HSL, RGB, or CMYK color pickers, each found in individual tabs.
No option to export notes
Deleting a note is done at the press of a button, while creating a new one is done from the tray menu. A default color is used, but you’re free to change it for individual notes. Unfortunately, text font and style always remains the same, and you can’t add a title to notes, making them identifiable either by color or content.
There’s the possibility to have all of them hidden from plain sight, and brought back with one mouse click. However, there isn’t a list to display all of them, so toggling visibility affects every created note. Be careful when deleting notes, because these cannot be saved to file.
In conclusion
Bottom line is that JStickyNotes is not really the competitor of Windows Sticky Notes you’re expecting to find. The overall impression is decent, and there is some degree of customization involved. However, it lacks some comfort options, such as loading and saving files, or even adding titles for easy identification.









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The JStickyNotes will certainly help you to write and preserve your notes easier.
The program is a sort of sticky notes on your desktop.
You can create your own sticky notes which can later be sorted out according to various parameters.
To begin you need to create a new sticky note by pressing on the „New Sticky Note“ button and setting its content.
You can design it in a dozen of ways. There is a „Picture“ tab to select an image for your note, a „Title“ tab where you can change the note’s title, a „Styles“ tab where you can define the note’s text style, an „Folders“ tab where you can save the sticky notes inside specific folders.
There is also a „Sticky Notes“ tab where you can sort out all your sticky notes.
You can display, hide, or sort out sticky notes by dragging and dropping them around the desktop.
Moreover, you can create an „All sticky notes“ list where you can see all your sticky notes.
Besides, the program has a „Back“ button to go back and a „Forward“ button to go forward.
The interface is easy and straightforward.
You can also define colors for sticky notes or delete them.
There is a „Statistics“ tab where you can monitor the sticky notes‘ creations.
Other features:
No Internet connection is required to run the program and you can use it as long as the computer is turned on.
Supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Danish, Swedish.
Version: 5.01
Size: 3.47 MB

What Is JStickyNotes?

What is JStickyNotes? You will get the best answer to this question by using the JStickyNotes FAQ
. Below, you will get the required information.


What is JStickyNotes?

JStickyNotes is a cool utility that will create and manage notes on your desktop.
The program will display sticky notes on your desktop and you will be able to write on them.
There is a possibility to customize the notes appearance in many ways, like for example, their size, position and color.
You can define the note’s format, its content, and you can sort out all the notes by clicking on the „Sticky Notes“ tab.
If you have too many

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JStickyNotes Registration Code

JStickyNotes (Java System Tray Sticky Notes) lets you stick notes to your computer tray. Every note can be customized to your liking, whether it be a „sticky“ title, text, or a photo. In addition, you can also add a background image to the notes, and set your own color scheme. You can also disable the sticky notes completely.

It’s a windows application. It is compatible with windows 7 and above.
File Name: JSticky Notes
File Size: 0.03 MB

2. Endnote

Endnote is a notes application which is actually designed to be a note taking application and not a sticky notes application. It can also be used as a to-do list application, or an app that can help you to keep a record of events or notes.Endnote Description:
It was first launched on Microsoft Windows 95 operating system and then it was released on the OS X. This application is multi-platform. It was first launched on the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system and then it was released on the OS X.

This is one of the best notepad for PC software.
File Name: Endnote
File Size: 0.05 MB

3. Notepad++

Notepad++ is an excellent text editor that is available as free software. It is a powerful and user-friendly text editor. It supports syntax highlighting and fuzzy search. It supports Unicode and international languages. Notepad++ Description:
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File Name: Notepad++
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7. Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is a notes program which is actually designed to be a sticky notes application. It is simple, stylish, and fast to use. It’s an easy to use notes program with good support for searching and tagging. It’s free software.Sticky Notes Description:
Sticky Notes is a notes program which is actually designed to be a sticky notes application. It is simple, stylish, and fast to use. It’s an easy to use notes program with good support for searching and tagging.

8. Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is a notes program which is actually designed to be a sticky notes

What’s New in the JStickyNotes?

The aim of this project is to implement a Sticky Notes Window to Windows using Java (Software) and a simple Graphical User Interface that can be customised.
Applies to:
Sun Java System Application Server J2EE 1.3
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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon II or higher
Memory: 4GB RAM (5GB recommended)
Graphics: 8MB video card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive Space: 2GB
Install Notes:
1. Copy the free trial version from the download page to your computer.
2. Run the free trial version. Click on the Test button.
3. When you