German Luger Serial Number Lookup













German Luger Serial Number Lookup



Do not be fooled by the look of the original and the replicas!

Going back to WWII, there were 10 different main calibers in use for Lugers,.25ACP, 9x19mm, 10x19mm, 7.62mm Mauser,.45ACP,.38ACP,.45 ACP, 7mm Mauser. Then there were several variations in each of the 10 calibers.
However, in general, the Luger is a 9mm/.40 pistol, and you need to keep that in mind while reading serial numbers.
Which means that finding an original with an original serial number might be nearly impossible. .


I think I figured it out. It appears that the serial numbers were printed with a format like so:
Datum = (year) || (seq_number in two digit format) || (gun number) || (blank)

(i.e. complete with two digits for the year.) And some letters were printed before and after the (blank). This would allow for ten different barrels/frame stamps, depending on the condition of the gun.
So, instead of having a general serial number that says „this gun is from 1943 or 1945, and it had serial number 2123“, they used a piece of paper with the correct letter and the date when the gun was manufactured.
For example, if the gun was manufactured in 1935, it would say DWM-XXX. The numbers in the format are really just a number (e.g. 1047), but the number would determine which frame and barrel stamp to use for the serial number. This would allow for extensive variation in serial numbers without being too expensive.
If someone has knowledge, I am curious to know if this is correct.

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Magazinübertragung der Bundeswehr vom Deutschen Wehrmacht zum Bundeswehr der Bundeswehr der Österreichischen Armee 1950 .
A rare Luger Proof and acceptance marking guide from the Siamese Army (British Army) Military Luger Officers‘ Association (MLOAA). Published in Edinburgh.
The accuracy of the markings match is in the name and number of the person, the location of an individual officer’s proof and acceptance marking .
US Military Luger Serial Number Identification Chart
The US Army issues Lugers for each of its individual armies. There are two variations of Luger. A commercial variation, and a military variation.
World War II Military Luger Serial Number Identification Chart
Model of Luger


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