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Qt: QGraphicsPixmapItem works on Windows but not Linux

Is there anything special that needs to be done when creating a QGraphicsPixmapItem on Linux (e.g., with Qt Creator)?
I can create a QGraphicsPixmapItem on Windows, but not on Linux. The following code works fine on Windows but throws an error on Linux:

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
QApplication a(argc, argv);

QGraphicsPixmapItem item(QPixmap(„:/images/home.jpg“));

return a.exec();

When I run the above code on Linux, it produces the following output:
WARNING: Syntax warning in: #include „qclocale.h“

WARNING: Format not a Win32 platform: ‚.‘ (‚%‘).

WARNING: Syntax warning in: #include „qclocale.h“


checking for main in -lqtmain
checking for main in -lqtmain_x11
checking for main in -lX11
missing libX11.a(x11proto.o): No such file or directory
-lX11 returned 1

I’m using Qt Creator 2.4.1 on Linux to create the C++ Qt Project files (and compile them). I have Qt 4.8.3 installed on both my Windows 7 machine and my Ubuntu machine.


It turned out that I did not have libqtmain_x11 installed. So, I was able to install libqtmain_x11 through apt-get. This link provided the solution:

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