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Dailer is a modern and extremely easy to use task manager. Dailer tasks include assignments, reminders, appointments, notes, tasks, history and a calender. Dailer also helps to organize work and expenses.

Dailer is a Windows application that will help you to manage all your daily tasks. It’s a new kind of productivity software. You can manage your time and work easily. It will let you plan your day, create a to-do list, check your tasks, events and appointments in real time. It will help you to track your work time, expenses and productivity. You will feel more relaxed and efficient.

Dailer is a simple tool to create and manage your daily to-do list. You have a calendar, a task manager and notes manager. You can plan your day easily. You can create a task, note, appointment, event, warning, organization, speech, event and much more. You can schedule and manage your work efficiently and easily. You can manage your time, set up appointments for meetings, bill, read mail and take notes. You can see notes, appointments, tasks, events and much more. You can add your own notes, events, reminders and tasks. It will help you to manage your tasks. You can set it to background and stay awake all the time. You can create and manage your to-do list, schedule and check your tasks, events and appointments. You can manage your expenses by creating a new expense. You can assign your expenses and share expenses with your friend.

Dailer will help you to manage your daily to-do list. It is a great tool to organize your work and notes. You can create a task easily, organize and manage your work by creating a new task, note, event, appointment, warning and check your tasks, events and appointments. You can create a note, visit your favorite page or check your to-do list. You can check emails and read email, and calendar. You can manage your money by creating a new expense. You can create a new expense, assign your expense to your friend and check your expenses.

Dailer is a simple tool to create and manage your daily to-do list. It is a great tool to organize your work and notes. It will help you to manage your time and manage your daily tasks. You can create a task, note, appointment, event, warning and much more. You can create and manage your to-do list

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Dailer is an application for managing all your tasks and events on the most basic level. The application keeps track of your appointments, notes and goals and utilizes a simple calendar and list interface to make setting events and goals much simpler. It can be used to create appointments, to-do lists and goals, include the creation of recurring appointments, play sound and display notes. It also contains a full-screen text editor, password protecting your notes.

Dailer Features:
Dailer has the following features:
– Create events, Notes, Goals and Appointments.
– Use a calendar to set events, notes and appointments recursively.
– Use a simple List interface to create notes and goals.
– Automatically play sound while the alarm is set.
– Customize the file path of a generated sound file.
– Put Notes and Goals in the password protected notes section.
– See lists with all your appointments, notes and goals in a compact and visually pleasing display.
– Control how long the alarm will ring.
– Configure various options for the alarm sounds that you can use.
– Run applications directly from the alarm sounds.
– Manage your passwords, contacts and notes.
– Use the keyboard arrows to skip days, months and years.
– Preserve the previous list view when switching to a new window.
– Show the date in the month panel instead of the day.
– Calculate the amount of tasks in view instead of the number of events.
– Includes a full-screen text editor.
– Disable copying and pasting within the text editor.
– Generate random passwords.
– Convert time to UTC.
– Launch external applications from the alarm sound.
– Use a library of images for the alarm sound.
– Use the system tray icon to minimize to tray when not in use.
– Control the number of items in the list.
– Use the space bar to show all tasks in a given view.
– Add or remove items from the list.
– Optionally auto-hide the calendar window.
– Number the tasks for easier planning.
– Set a default date.
– Include a drop down menu of items when choosing a task from the list.
– Optionally add custom new tasks.

Dailer Version:
The current version of Dailer is v1.0.1 and can be downloaded from

What’s New in the?

Dailer is a complete multi-purposed organizer, with a fully customizable sidebar. It allows you to create simple, recurring tasks, reminders and notes with powerful filtering. Many options and more than 40 predefined templates are at your disposal. Create your tasks, set your start and end time and let your PC run in the background.
Key features include:
•Create recurring tasks, reminders and notes •Weekly, daily, monthly and quarterly recurring tasks •Set start and end dates of tasks •Set date and time of reminders •Create and set notes and add to the calendar •Set the task to run in the background •Power off your computer
• Free for home use
• Runs on Windows XP/7/8/10 • 12 languages
• No program received.
• MediaFire ratings are based on a five-star scale.

Known Issues:
• Tasks ending before the end date are not displayed properly.

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System Requirements For Dailer:

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