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In January 1983, Autodesk introduced AutoCAD for Windows, a version of AutoCAD optimized for the personal computer platform (e.g., IBM PC and clones).

Over time, AutoCAD received new versions with incremental enhancements:

• AutoCAD 2016 (released 2016).

• AutoCAD 2017 (released 2017).

• AutoCAD 2018 (released 2018).

• AutoCAD 2019 (released 2019).

• AutoCAD 2020 (released 2020).

Versions of AutoCAD in the 2020 release include:

• AutoCAD LT 2020 (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 R3 (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Web (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Enterprise (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Cloud (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Desktop (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Architecture (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Audio (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Drawing (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Production (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Engineering (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Manufacturing (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Space (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Structural (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Mechanical (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Electrical (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Landscape (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Interior (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Manufacturing (released 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Manufacturing (release 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Architecture (release 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Architecture (release 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Technical (release 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Technical (release 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Data (release 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Data (release 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Engineering (release 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Engineering (release 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Construction (release 2020).

• AutoCAD LT 2020 Construction (

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Autodesk products
AutoCAD Map 3D – Autodesk Map 3D is a built-in map-based CAD application that includes tools such as map coloring, line management, and basic drawing and annotation. It is available in AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD 2009, and AutoCAD 2010. Autodesk Map 3D is based on version 18.3.1 of the Map 3D program.


AutoCAD LT is a portable version of AutoCAD that allows users to use the software while traveling.

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture is a professional rendering, design, and engineering package which can read a drawing from AutoCAD and render and animate the 3D geometry, displaying 2D views of that geometry.

AutoCAD Architecture is currently a Direct3D-based application and supports a number of render engines such as RenderMan, Raycaster, and Mental Ray. AutoCAD Architecture uses the RenderMan RIBs (Raster Image Buffers) instead of the traditional raster graphics files for geometry.

AutoCAD Architecture is written in Visual LISP and supports the Dynamic Graphics Interchange (DGI) standard. It can import and export the following files:
AutoCAD DWG and DXF files
AutoCAD Graphics Exchange Format (AutoCAD’s own standard, in lieu of DXF)
Stereo image pairs (SIP), this is an exchange format that can be used to represent stereoscopic images such as computer-generated holograms and non-standard stereoscopic formats.
AutoCAD’s own DXF: DXF Technology has allowed AutoCAD to store DXF files within the drawing itself. These DXF files can be imported into AutoCAD Architectural or other AutoCAD applications and used to generate 3D models.

AutoCAD Architectural is available in AutoCAD LT. Autodesk AutoCAD Architectural Professional Edition (A$50) was an add-on available for AutoCAD LT 2007 and AutoCAD LT 2008 users. The add-on allowed rendering of 3D models from AutoCAD DWG/DXF and other AutoCAD applications (in stereo) with Mental Ray rendering engine, as well as rendering in native formats such as ASE, STL and OBJ.

AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical is a drawing, animation, modeling, and schematic package

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To activate the program, just click “Activate” from the Programs menu.

In Autodesk Autocad you have:

1. Autocad Standard Edition
2. Autocad Premium Edition

S-S or (Z)-Z for new drug development.
The syntheses of cis- and trans-S-S and (Z)-Z-S-S or (Z)-Z-S-Z analogues with three and two thiol groups have been achieved in high yields, by intramolecular S(N)2′ reaction using a C-N coupling reagent. They were evaluated for antifungal activity against Candida albicans. The activity of the compounds with (Z)-configuration was observed to be higher than that with (E)-configuration. The most active compounds were screened in vitro for selectivity on colon carcinoma cell line Colo-205 in the presence of human red blood cells.

What’s New In?

Optimized Views and View Settings:

Improved feature: Auto-complete context-sensitive help can be displayed whenever you enter a command, and now offers an option to minimize the appearance.

New Auto-complete option:

With the new Auto-complete option, you can automatically insert a command that you can use without explicitly entering the command name.

New graphics context options:

Create your own graphics context by specifying a specific name.

Dynamic tooltips:

Display the tooltip for any command or object that is currently selected.

Improved small print and label display:

In the drawing window, small print can now be displayed with black text, and tooltips can now display labels with variable font style.


Optimized display of the scale and guide lines when you are in a 3D environment.

New mirror command:

Create a mirror copy of a selection or the current drawing window.

Conveniently display the current position of any tool:

When you activate a tool, you can now display the current position of the tool, such as when you are editing lines with a Line tool.

The command name does not need to be entered while you are activating the tool.

Improved keyboard shortcuts:

These commands now have keyboard shortcuts that are more convenient for most users.

Dynamic tooltips:

When you edit a text in a drawing, the tooltip that appears when you hover over a symbol can now display the value of the text.

Dynamic tooltips:

When you edit a dimension, the tooltip that appears when you hover over a dimension can now display the value of the dimension.

Improved keyboard shortcuts:

You can now edit any element in the drawing by using the keyboard.

Dynamic Auto-complete:

When you are viewing a dialog box, or any other dialog that shows information about a command, you can now use the keyboard to quickly view the details of the dialog.

New Scratch Component:

CAD now supports the use of scratch components for quickly creating, using, and managing custom commands.

Dynamic tooltips:

In some scenarios, you may have to use the mouse to move the pointer when you are editing a command. By using the keyboard, you can now easily move the cursor around the drawing window or into

System Requirements:

•Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6700 2.66GHz 2.93GHz
2.93GHz RAM 4GB
Sound Card
•DirectX 9.0c-compatible
•Windows Vista Business, Home, Professional
•64-bit Windows
•Internet connection
•XMB (Interface)
•Releasing Information