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Quick Tip

If you want to select and edit the same objects in multiple drawings, you can use the “Select/Unselect” command, or select the objects with the “Select All” command. You can use the “Unselect All” command to deselect them.

You can add dimension lines to drawings by using the “Add Dimension” command. You can also add dimensions to drawings. You can add text using the “Text” command. You can insert text boxes and symbol text boxes. You can use the “Center” command to center a text box or symbol text box on a drawing object. You can also use the “Scale” command to change the size of a drawing object.

Use the “Select” command to select a drawing object. You can use the “Rectangle” command to create a rectangle or ellipse. You can use the “Properties” command to get properties about a drawing object. You can use the “Style” command to apply a style to a drawing object. You can use the “Symbol” command to create a symbol. You can use the “Translate” command to position a drawing object. You can also use the “Copy” and “Paste” commands to move or copy objects. You can also use the “Auto” command to add the command line parameters automatically.

Use the “Line,” “Circle,” “Rectangle,” “Polyline,” “Star,” “Path,” “Text,” and “Symbol” commands to add lines and curves to drawings. You can use the “Edge” and “Face” commands to add faces and edges to drawings. You can use the “Mtext” command to add text labels to a drawing. You can use the “Motion Paths” command to define a path that moves according to a custom trajectory. You can use the “Styled Paths” command to apply styles to a path. You can use the “Path Tools” command to create and edit path styles. You can use the “Zoom” command to change the magnification of a drawing. You can use the “View” command to

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Help Topics
AutoCAD Free Download support various documentation methods including Help Topics, Help Files, User Guides, Tech Notes and Application Guides.

As of AutoCAD Cracked Version 2010, there are help topics available for users of AutoCAD Crack Free Download as well as within the drawing package. These include on-screen tutorials and the online Help and User Guide. These methods of support can be used by entering the help text into the Help menu, opening the Help Window, and clicking the Help Topics button, which brings up a list of help topics. This method of accessing help is built-in to AutoCAD Cracked Accounts.

AutoCAD has also been able to utilize remote help files from a CD via the Windows API. This can be enabled in the Edit|Remote Help menu and remote help file selection can be made using the files on the CD.

AutoCAD 2019 brought along a new feature called auto documentation, which can help users with complex commands and combinations.

The help file is an in-text reference to commands and their options. They are relatively brief and to the point. The user guide is an in-depth explanation on a topic and the information in the help files can be combined for a more thorough explanation. It is not as in-depth as a user’s manual and does not include step-by-step instructions.

Both of these methods of information delivery are available on-screen for most commands. The user guide can be accessed by clicking the User Guide button on the Quick Access toolbar. The help files can be accessed by entering the option command name or key binding, in a command’s help text, then pressing Enter to open the help files.

The tech note is much like a user’s manual. It is a description of a feature including its functionality, an explanation of its proper use, and often step-by-step instructions. Tech notes have a „best“ and „like“ mode available for review and can be accessed using the Tech Note button on the Quick Access toolbar.

Some commands contain command code. These are used as a shortcut for users and are generally not very long. They can be abbreviated and there are only a few shortcuts for commands.

AutoCAD also has an Application Guide, which is an introduction to a new feature. This guide can be downloaded and installed to provide instructions on features and functions of a new product. This guide can also be accessed from the Options menu.

If the user is having a problem with a command or feature,

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Open the Add-In (Excel.exe) file in Autocad.
Close Autocad and go to your Applications folder.
Select “Autocad 2016 for Windows” and delete it.
Run Autocad.
Select “D: (By default)” under Start Menu> Programs.
Click on “Program Files” then “Autodesk” and select the “Autocad 2016 for Windows” program.
Click on “Autocad 2016 for Windows” then “Exit”.
Run Autocad.
Close Autocad and go to your Applications folder.
Select “Autocad 2016 for Windows” and delete it.
Close Autocad.
Select “Autocad 2016 for Windows” and run it.
Select “Help”.
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How to fix error “Sending COM+ notification failed”

To fix this error, you have to add this autocad license key to the autocad license.


For others who may want to see the same issue, I was getting this error on two computers. I also had the problem on a lot of Autocad 2016 and 2017 trial versions.
I was able to fix this by deleting all the trial versions, and reinstalling.
I’ve tried both the full and „Express“ versions, and the issue never came back.
My advice if you are getting this is to always make sure you have the latest full version of Autocad!

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is the industry standard for 2D drafting. Now, with AutoCAD Markup Assist, you can insert notes, customizations, and other information to your drawings, and incorporate your feedback quickly and efficiently. Easily generate custom reports by using the results of your markup to guide the next steps of your design process.

Improved reference tools in Drawing Viewport:

Generate graphical elements by selecting your paths directly in the drawing viewport. Using the Drawing Viewport, you can quickly and easily create and edit graphics, such as paths, ellipses, circles, text, images, and forms. (video: 1:44 min.)

Ease the creation of objects and scenes:

Now you can use a single toolbox with all the drawing commands. The Commands panel has been integrated into the AutoCAD drawing environment, and all commands are available from any tool. (video: 1:35 min.)

Optimized Reference Tools:

Refine your design with the latest improvements to the feature-packed 3D solid modeling and CAD drafting tools. Using shape-specific editing tools, you can precisely modify and combine geometry with only a few mouse clicks. You can also create and manipulate freehand shapes directly on the workplane. (video: 1:36 min.)

New Conditional Design:

Generate accurate, compact, and optimal geometry based on your drawings using new Conditional Design commands. Conditional Design determines the size, location, or other characteristics of your geometry based on your drawings and other input data. Conditional Design allows you to design your object based on your design intent, and it offers a range of options to define your requirements.

Draw in complex environments:

Quickly draw and annotate in environments with more precision than ever before. Drawing environments are now context aware. They know where you are in the drawing and how to adjust to support your work. With more drawing environments, you can draw in situations ranging from road construction to architectural design to product design and more.

Enhanced Interactivity:

Hover over lines and curves to highlight them. AutoCAD can now identify objects and surfaces by their properties. You can draw lines or curves over these properties directly in your drawings, and you can generate a shape from the identified object. You can then edit the object and start the design process anew.

Linked Layers:

Build and modify many layers

System Requirements:

DirectX 11 Graphics Card
Windows 7
Keyboard & Mouse
Network Connection
The following video cards are supported:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650, 660, 670, 680, 780, 780Ti, 800, 880, 940, 940MX, 950, 960, 970, 980, 980ti, GTX 980 Ti, R9 280, R9 290, 290X, R9 295, R9 360, R9 370, 370X, R9 380, R9 390, R9 390X,