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Python PyCrypto AES Decrypt fails if message is more than a few words

This is a follow up to this question
I know that PyCrypto AES Decrypt fails if you want to decrypt a message containing more than a few words, but how many? I’ve tested with encrypting a message longer than 2 or 3 words and it works but the decrypt fails with a ValueError: AES block not as expected (cannot be decrypted as AES).
I’d be happy to fix this, but I’d like to make sure I’m not missing a more important one.


It’s hard to answer that question without knowing what your text is, but you can check the message length on the ciphertext object (ciphertext.block_size in PyCrypto):
if len(ciphertext)


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Golden Axe: The Duel
Golden Axe: The Duel (also referred to as Golden Axe: The Duel 2 in some countries) is a fighting game for the Neo Geo AES. It was the sequel to Golden Axe and the first game to carry the Golden Axe name. It was released in 1992 in Japan, and in 1993 in the US and PAL.

It can be played both on the Neo Geo AES and the Neo Geo CD. It was designed by then-Sega-team Yu Suzuki. After the initial success of the first game, the game was followed by two more sequels. The first was a port of the game for the Sega CD titled Golden Axe: The Revenge. This was the last game developed by Golden Axe for the Neo Geo hardware. The final Golden Axe was released for the Game Boy Color. This was a port of the Revenge, with the addition of four new characters. A sequel, titled Golden Axe: The Dark Age was announced to be in development in 1999, but nothing further is known about this game. A prototype of the character Lucia, was found by Taiwanese collector Hung-Ti Ho. It is not known if it was originally a secret character or if it was cut for the original release.

Golden Axe: The Duel: No-CD/No-DVD Patch
It includes a No-CD/No-DVD Patch, as well as other standard game patches. It adds two new characters: Lucia, and her brother, Dimitri. It also has the Shadow Nemesis and Nova weapons (which were seen in the original but not added in the arcade version). It adds the option to turn off match timer. It adds the option to change the sound for the arcade version. It adds three new victory sounds for all nine of the characters. It adds two new music tracks. It adds three new stages (Coscas Cavern, Ocean Palace, and Teodora Castle), and adds the Super Turbo mode option. It adds new options for selecting the difficulty. It includes four music tracks from the arcade version: „Golden Axe“, „Battle Battle!“, „Golden Axe – The Revenge“, and „Golden Axe – The Duel“.